“Here Are The Uncensored Comments From People Just Like You, Now Saving Time And Money Using My Real Estate Services…”

“You came across as someone who could put the client at ease with your personality and sense of humor. Yet we could see that you took your job seriously and hustled at the job. One incident that sticks out in our mind was when you provided charts and cost comparisons for other homes sold in the same neighborhood. It made us realize, comparatively speaking, that we were getting a good deal. No other realtor had provided us with information like that in our past purchases.
~ Elbert Sadoyama and Irene Toma

“You performed to my expectations. I never doubted your expertise or suggestions (in selling our home). I always felt that you had our best interest. You have a realistic approach (to your services) and your timeliness and attention to detail kept me at ease. I believe you get what you pay for. Do NOT sell your services “cheap”. People are willing to pay more for good service”
~Glen Gokan

“At first we thought Realtors were in it only for the money and not the clients happiness, but you were the opposite! We thought it would be hard purchasing a home but you eased the process and eliminated most of our stress! You made the process of buying a home real easy for us! You worked around our schedules, catered to our wants when helping us search for a place and you made us feel comfortable while working with you. We didn’t feel overwhelmed whatsoever through the entire process of buying thanks to you! Above all you were very easy to build a relationship with, very caring!
If you are looking for an easy way to buy a home, Scott is your man! Scott is a kind and very helpful person. He strives to satisfy his clients and works very hard to find the right home for them. He’s very caring and treats you like a friend rather than a client which makes you feel more comfortable working with him. Thank you Scott for all your help, you’re the best!”
~Deven & Adriana Matsumoto

“The first realtor only showed us places beyond our price range. We were very happy to find out that not all realtors were this way. Scott was the best we could have hoped for! All questions were answered very quickly, which saved us a lot of time. Don’t change a thing!”
~Dave & Kristina Hwang

“Scott Sakata’s House-Hunting Service Was Invaluable in Helping Us Find a Home in a different Market.”

“We live in California and by receiving weekly and sometimes daily reports on homes that matched our criteria, we were able to find our second home without physically having to be there until we found something that we were interested in. It was a great time saver. Scott was always willing to get us more information on our choices or to help us if we were just looking for suggestions. We highly recommend this great system to anyone who is looking for a home.”     
~Denise Boisvert & Kim Jorgensen (2 properties purchased on Oahu)

"We Could Shop for a Home at Our Leisure Without Any Pressure By Using Scott's System!"

We shopped for about a year using Scott's House-Hunting Service. It was a great because it was hassle-free; absolutely no pressure, and we could do our house shopping at our leisure. We loved receiving the daily new listings based on what we wanted in the home and if we needed more information on any of the properties that interested us, Scott got it to us immediately. It's simply a great way to find a home.
~Miles and Carolyn M. ~ Honolulu

“I just wanted to take the time to say “MUCH MAHALOS!” for your help. We’re very happy with our new townhouse. It helped having you in the loop, since you always took the time to explain things to us. If ever I do hear of friends interested in real estate. I’ll be sure to send them your way, since I KNOW they’ll be in good hands and be taken well cared of.
Take care and thanks again!”
~With aloha,
Monica & Kris Yasuda

“I have used Scott to buy and sell property, and I plan to continue using him in the future. Scott’s level of service and professionalism is invaluable to buyers and sellers alike. Scott provided a comprehensive overview of the selling process at the get-go.  I appreciated Scott’s flexibility in scheduling appointments, ability and willingness to do all of the leg work, and he was responsive and attentive to my interests, priorities and concerns.”
~Margaret C. Ishida

2001-Purchased home
“Being one year new to Hawaii, and the obstacles presented to us by an institution that we had counted on for financing, we would not have been able to buy the property had you not pointed us in the right direction.
You and all those associated with the sale, and everything that goes with the process are highly motivated and sincerely caring people. I congratulate you for your choice of business associates.
Scott, thank you sincerely for all your help. We now have a friend in the real estate business.”
2004-Sold home
“Thanks for your help in every respect. Just like the time before, the process was really painless.”
~Robert & Cynthia Fernandez

“As a first time buyer, Scott was very helpful & concerned for my needs. There were a lot of things that I didn’t know (as a first time homebuyer) that Scott helped me & get the best for my money. I would highly recommend Scott to a friend.”
~Greg Dehnert

“I haven’t really been up to start construction in the place yet, but boy is there a lot of work to get going on! The little details of the cleaning, planning, construction and move are beating me down. Hey wait a minute, Scott told me this was the fun part and I’d laugh at this someday?! Heheh.
Thank you very much for finding that condo! I’m very sure that the transition will be smooth and I will soon find myself LOVING it!    
When you think about it, away from my daily hustle and bustle, it really is a wonderful thing!”
~Len Matsumoto

“We were concerned that our Realtor would be like a used car dealer, just trying to sell us any old lemon that no one else wanted. Instead, Scott listened to our concerns and desires and truly worked with us (and for us, not the seller) to help us find our perfect home.
We were able to narrow our options (for example) by looking at square feet, something we could not have done so easily with just a newspaper. Further, we only had one realtor to deal with and set up showings rather than calling and scheduling with several different listing agents. Finally, we were given a (checklist) of people (and companies) we would need to call upon moving into our new home (electric company, the phone company, etc.)
Thanks for everything.”
~Gary & Catherine Sheppard

“Thank you for all your help! And thank you for putting up with us! I know there were so many changes and problems! We will definitely recommend you to our friends! Thank you again! Take care and God Bless!”
~Joel & Robyn Gonsalves

“Thank you very much for your kindness & help. If there’s anyone who wants to buy or sell their home, I will definitely tell them about you.”
~Yukie Okinaka

“Thank you for your patience and efforts in helping us purchase our new home. Your service helped us to purchase our home in a hassle-free manner. You were always there when we needed you. In addition, your list of resources was very helpful.”
~Neil & Vicki Higashihara


“Scott Sakata is one of the BEST Buyers agents I’ve ever worked with. He’s the type of guy who takes his job very seriously and will go the extra mile. It’s been a pleasure to work
with Scott this past year. He helped me find the deals that I was looking for and at the same time taught me how to pronounce awkward Hawaiian street names. With Scott’s help, I was able to close several good deals. (Over 60 properties bought since 2001).”
~Thank you,
Yaniv Benaroya
California Investor

“You displayed a willingness to submit many offers (for me), knowing that a real estate investor looks at property very differently than a person who is buying real estate for the purpose of being an owner occupant. Your use of email to send me possible properties to look at helped save me time and money.
I appreciate your understanding of making many offers in order to get one sale. Many real estate agents are unwilling to submit offers in fear of “offending” the seller or the seller’s real estate agent. An offer is just an offer and not intended to offend anyone. A real estate investor spends time “crunching” numbers and determines what is an acceptable offer price and leaves out (as much as possible), the emotional aspect of buying real estate. As many investors know, “it’s just a numbers game”, nothing personal.”
~David Nakamaejo